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Interview with Victoria Foyt Author of Revealing Eden !!!!!

I was lucky enough to get to interview Victoria Foyt Author of the Save The Pearls book one, Revealing Eden. She is a wonderful person and a great writer, I loved her answers to the questions. 

Also if you have been watching my blog this week I have my 5 star review of Revealing Eden up Here. And I am having a giveaway where you can win a signed copy of Revealing Eden Here  , Eeeeekk!! Im excited for you guys!!! It really is a great read by a wonderful author. 

 Book Addictions by Christina
Author Interview with Victoria Foyt

1. Christina: What or who has had the most influence on you becoming a writer?

Victoria: Happily, my mother provided the greatest influence, though I doubt she intended for me to be a writer. Forced to quit teaching when she became pregnant—really—she practiced teaching my three brothers and I. She taught us all to read before we started school, so well, in fact, that I was bumped up a grade. Twice a month, she took us to the local library, which for me, was like entering a pirate’s lair where I was allowed to borrow whatever gems I chose, for free! Even more, she taught me how to craft something from beginning to end, either embroidering a pair of jeans or sewing a dress, instilling in me patience and discipline, without which no one ever finishes a novel. My mother’s gentle nurturing of my artistic sensibilities and love of reading created a terrific foundation a writerly life. 

Christina: I totally understand that, I have 3 wonderful children myself and try to encourage creativity every chance I get :) After all its what mothers are for, (that and loving you to pieces) Great answer!

2. Christina: Where did the idea for the Save The Pearls books come from?

Victoria: Somewhere in the back of my mind there must be a special stove with different huge cauldrons in which my stories incubate. From time to time, I toss in random elements until the story is cooked. Several key elements in my life seasoned the creation Revealing Eden.

The post-apocalyptic scenario grew from my deep concern about the loss of our natural environment. I wondered what would happen if global warming turned today’s prevailing beauty standards upside down? In the story, because Caucasians have less melanin in their skin to protect them from the sun’s burning rays, they are branded as inferior Pearls. Dark-skinned people, or Coals, have more resistance to the Heat, and therefore, now rule society. Eden Newman, a lithe blue-eyed blonde, would be considered gorgeous in our day, while in the future she has to beg for a mate or suffer an early death. The direction in which my wonderings took me greatly surprised me, as it often does.

Lastly, I had come to a point in my life where I wasn’t sure I believed in true love anymore. I’d been burned and decided love was a hoax. When Eden unwittingly compromises her father’s secret biological experiment, perhaps the only hope for mankind, she is cast out into the last patch of rainforest and into the arms of a powerful beast-man she believes is her enemy, despite her overwhelming attraction to him. To survive, Eden must change, but only if she can redefine her ideas of beauty and of love. In writing her story, I also found a way to open my heart, and find love. 
Christina: It is so great that a book can do so much for someone like that. I really was drawn to the love aspect of your book, I look forward to seeing how it develops further!

3. Christina: Did you have any fears about what readers would think of your book?

Victoria: Yikes, yes! I’m thrilled with the rave reviews that are pouring in. I was afraid the racial theme in the book would stir controversy, or worse, that the book would be ignored because I went with an edgy, small publisher, Sand Dollar Press, instead of a big house. After so many years as a writer, however, I have learned simply to trust the process and not worry too much about the end result.
Christina: I think people now days are open enough to take the book for what it is and not twist it to become a racial thing. Its a beautiful love story and and exciting adventure into a post apocalyptic world that is very feasible. I loved it and commend you for a wonderfully written story that carried me away.

4. Christina: What do you hope readers will take away, from reading your book?

Victoria: Love! Eden Newman has a curious relationship with her adopted aunt Emily Dickinson who teaches her That love is all there is, Is all we know of Love. Is there really anything else to learn in life?
Christina: Absolutely, if only everyone thought that way. Eden's feelings in the book are so strong and raw. And her love interest (I wont say who to keep from spoiling :) is such a different person that we thought he was at the beginning of the book. It is so amazing how she was so wrong about him. The love story in this book for me was the best part :)

5. Christina: What kind of research was involved in the planning for this book?

Victoria: The lush rainforest setting required tremendous research. I loved learning about the amazing diversity in wildlife, particularly the birds. I found a terrific website on which I spent a lot of time listening to recordings of bird calls and then imagining what feelings certain sounds might evoke in Eden at different parts of the story. I also studied the wildlife, and now know more about tapirs, which are pig-like creatures, than I ever wanted to know. I also studied Aztec myths related to the Jaguars and shamans, the Huaorani Indians, and herbal medicine. One of my most delightful tasks was to study the heartfelt poetry of Emily Dickinson, and figure out which poems to sprinkle throughout the novel.
Christina: I think a lot of people don't understand just how much research and work go into writing a book. Its fascinating to see all the things you had to study. Also I absolutely adore the sprinklings of Emily Dickinson in the book. It fit so perfectly with what was going on.

6. Christina: Revealing Eden is so different from anything out there right now, (which is one of the things I loved about it) what do YOU feel makes it stand out among the rest?

Victoria: Thanks! Some fantasy stories seem far-fetched, but it is not hard to imagine that the dystopian future in Revealing Eden might one day happen. The changes in beauty and racial prejudice brought on by the harsh environment make Eden Newman’s plight all the more real. In today’s world, blond and blue-eyed Eden would be considered gorgeous. In her world, she’s considered ugly, and is doomed unless she soon finds a mate. Perhaps, the juxtaposition of her fantastical plight with the compelling romance that develops against all odds between her and a man she thinks of as her enemy explains why readers are embracing the novel.
Christina: I know I embraced it. Thank you so much for the interview Victoria and for the signed copy that I will be giving away soon! It was so much fun getting to pick your brain a little :) I hope everyone else enjoyed the interview and enter to win the signed copy Here.

Victoria: By the way, I love to hear from readers! Please visit me at or at Or check out Eden Newman’s videos on the amazing interactive site:
Thanks so much!
Christina: Check this out guys its awesome!


Eden Newman must mate before her 18th birthday in six months or she'll be left outside to die in a burning world. But who will pick up her mate-option when she's cursed with white skin and a tragically low mate-rate of 15%? In a post-apocalyptic, totalitarian, underground world where class and beauty are defined by resistance to an overheated environment, Eden's coloring brands her as a member of the lowest class, a weak and ugly Pearl. If only she can mate with a dark-skinned Coal from the ruling class, she'll be safe. Just maybe one Coal sees the Real Eden and will be her salvation her co-worker Jamal has begun secretly dating her. But when Eden unwittingly compromises her father's secret biological experiment, she finds herself in the eye of a storm and thrown into the last area of rainforest, a strange and dangerous land. Eden must fight to save her father, who may be humanity's last hope, while standing up to a powerful beast-man she believes is her enemy, despite her overwhelming attraction. Eden must change to survive but only if she can redefine her ideas of beauty and of love, along with a little help from her "adopted aunt" Emily Dickinson.
Its out now!!! Go get it!!! 

Leave me some comments I would love to hear what you guys thought of the interview :)

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