Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Love for Delirium!!!

Ok let me just say WOW! I am only on page 157 and I cannot stand to put this book down. I already rank this book as one of my top 5 favorites! All the reviews I have read about Delirium were absoultly right! I have nothin but love for this book. The only thing I can say that wouldnt be completely positive ( but still kinda is depends on how you take it) is that I cant read it fast enouph. I find myself having to slow down and reread some of the descriptive parts or just Lena's lost in her own thoughts parts, because I am trying to get further to the next part of the scene where she is going to interact with Alex! Dont get me wrong the descriptive parts are very good and the "lost in Lena's thoughts" parts to, its just so good that im eating it up to fast and have to slow myself down to take it all in. Otherwise I would miss some pretty important things just because Im trying to get to the juicy parts. lol I am very impatient but this is such a great read that I cant help but devour it!!! Okay Im done gushing.......for now! I just had to get my excitement out before I exploded!


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