Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Review: Angel Evolution by David Estes

  • Format: eBook
  • Publisher: David Estes, Smashwords
  • Genre: Young Adult
  • My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
  • Buy it: Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Amazon

Synopsis (from Goodreads):
Angel Evolution- the first book in the young adult fantasy trilogy: The Evolution Trilogy... When Taylor meets Gabriel at college, she is in awe of the subtle glow that surrounds him. No one else, not even her best friend, seems to notice. Something about him scares her. Is all as it appears? While Taylor struggles for answers, she finds herself in the middle of a century old war centered on one miraculous revelation: evolution. 

My review:
The beginning of this book actually starts at a good pace with Taylor our main character having this awful, scary dream that she has had all her life. Only now something has changed. There are new faces in this dream one seems to be good and the other seems evil.....

Taylor is looking for a four leaf clover on her college campus grounds when a mysterious guy names Gabrial approaches her and offers her (of all things)....a four leaf clover, and that isn't even the weirdest part, Taylor gets this funny feeling shes seen him somewhere. Could he be one of the figures from her dream? But which one is he the good or the evil? And how was he in her dream if she just met him?.....

This series promises to be very exciting. I liked Taylor right away, and her BFF Sam.  Gabrial keeps you guessing for a while, wondering if he is good or bad. The story takes off at a good pace but it seems a little hard to stay hooked to in the middle because for me it seemed that the wording or maybe the way the story is being told, doesn't quite flow smoothly. Never the less it doesn't really take away from the story because it is the story that hooked me. 

I liked the chemistry between a couple of the side characters but felt that there should have been a little more steamy scenes and just romance between Taylor and Gabriel. Its implied that the chemistry and romance are there but we really don't get a chance to see much of it. I am a big fan of the kissing scenes and would love to have seen (read) more tender moments between them. It seemed like the side characters had a much more passionate attraction between them then the main characters. 

That said, I still loved this book, and I could be way off, David Estes could just be hooking us in by withholding the steamy kissing scenes between Taylor and Gabrial just to keep us pining to see what happens, teasing us with the romance between the side characters (thats very sneaky of him,.... I like it). 

I love that this book is a new take on the Angel/Demon genre. I had never thought of it in terms of evolution. It definitely puts a whole new twist on things. And the good vs evil that is going on in this book is very intriguing to say the least. I won't say to much because I want this to be a spoiler free review but trust me if you are into the Angel books, this needs to be on your TBR list, like right now :P

Over all I totally fell for this book and think you guys will to because the story is so compelling. I give it 4 out of 5 stars :) I can't wait to read the second installment in the series which is already on ebook Demon Evolution, and book 3 also out on ebook Archangel Evolution. 

Thank you to David Estes for the chance to review such a wonderful book, I look forward to reading the rest of the series. You have a new fan in me. 

Book one Angel Evolution is only $0.99 on Barnes and Noble and Amazon. They are only available in ebook formats. What are you waiting for go get your copy, its only .99 cents!!!! Also a little birdie told me that David is working on a new YA Dystopian story!!! I am excited about this one because I am a HUGE Dystopian fan, and now a David Estes fan :)

I'm hooked!

 Comments,... I love comments,... just saying :)


  1. Great review! Your 'teasing' theory reminds me of my thoughts on the early Vampire Academy books (Rose and Dimitri) - that was totally worth a little bit of faith! :)

  2. New follower <3.Love your button and background :).We reviewed this too and the rest of the series on our blog :).


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