Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cassandra Clare & Holly Black Tour Dates!!!!!

Cassandra Clare Tweeted about her tour dates....

I am excited to know that they are touring together again! Sadly for me though,  so far they are not coming anywhere near me :( But maybe they will add more dates later. But i have provided two links below one for Cassie's site and one for their Midnight Party site.  So you can check out the places and dates to see if they will be near you.

Just thought I would pass on the news :)

Thank you to Mundie Moms, who posted about it earlier today and got me fired up! Hope it gets you guys fired up to!!!


Lovin me some Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices!!!!!
Let me know what you guys think....


  1. I like 'The Mortal Instruments' better than 'The Infernal Devices', but I love them both!

    {{{{{{Magnus Bane}}}}}}

  2. I love them both to but i think I am liking The Infernal Devices maybe alittle better. Hmmmmmm thats a tough one! :) Thanks for commenting!


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