Friday, March 11, 2011

Cassandra Clare Keeps Her Promise. Clockwork Prince Deleted Scene!!!!

Cassandra Clare promised to her peeps on Google that she would post a deleted scene from Clockwork Prince when she reached 5000 friends. Well she is there!!! And she has held up her we knew she would, cause she is just that kinda gal.

To read the CP deleted scene click here and enjoy!

Also at the end of the deleted scene is a teaser line from City of Lost Souls!!!!!!!!  She really knows how to keep us all hooked. I love these books so much. Enjoy.


  1. are my winner of Spartan Heart, Part I!!! Contact me with your email address on Facebook!

    Kristine Cheney
    Spartan Heart, Part I.

  2. Wonderful deleted scene! Thanks for posting about it :D


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